The short story

The current technology has given us the ability to communicate and organize on a global level. It makes it possible to analyze and understand behavioral data and respond based on this. The next technology generation will gives us the power to understand what people feel, hereafter what they think, and lastly tap into the the unconscious mind.

A visionary leader

I design and create the ecosystem in the interplay between organization, technology and market, based on the premises that everything we do has to fulfill a fundamental human need and hereby a commercial growth and that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

A hybrid developer

In the 10+ years of my experience, the aim has been to enhance a broad and deep insight of different fields. In combination with hands-on experience it has given me the knowledge and abilities to comprehend and be able to lead or work in the three overall organizational layers; Operation, Development and Sale.

Mastering leadership, strategy and development in above mentioned layers as well as digital and technology innovation and craftsmanship (concept, design and coding) makes me a unique hybrid developer that can merge groups of people and orchestra as well as participate in the development.

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